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I started my journey by obtaining my Bachelor of Human Ecology at the University of Manitoba with a minor in Marketing. After graduation, I started my career in the hospitality industry where I co-owned a restaurant in the heart of Chinatown.  About 6 years later, I moved to Hong Kong and became a MUA involved in fashion shows and media events. Then I decided to move back home where I pursued a career in Retail Management.

I knew I was always passionate about helping people because they were the most rewarding experiences in my life. Over the years with much exploration, I discovered my life's purpose through darkness. Have you hurt to the point where your knees gave out and collapsed to the ground? Has your hurt blurred your vision so much, you could not recognize the weeping reflection in the mirror? Have you ever been hurt you choked on your tears? Have you ever felt like giving up because you feel like you've exhausted every possible solution and it feels like there's no way out? I know that feeling because I was there too. There was no hope, no faith, no courage, no strength, no escape. I was harbouring feelings of not good enough and the thought of having to do it all over was overbearing. I had no idea how to live my life. I burst into tears an asked the Universe for help; "I surrender to you, just show me the way." Being a single mom, I was emotionally and physically depleted, I dropped to the ground and heard a whisper, "Be an instrument of love." This was my rebirth...

Following that episode, I quit my job and reached out for support from my peers, professionals and the community. I dedicated my time to volunteering, exercising, meditation, yoga, education, challenging myself to new experiences, and doing things that fuels my heart. In doing so, it opened a door of infinite possibilities. I've gained the love and support from our generous community, the recipient of 2018 CBC Manitoba Future 40, finalist of Future Leaders of Manitoba 2019, and raised over $45,000 for our community. 

I am now an Entrepreneur, Peer Support Worker at Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, Yoga Instructor, Crystal Healing Practictioner, Community Advocate, and love to share my lived experiences to empower those around me. 

The I AM LOVE PROJECT is a labour of love, I am grateful for your continuous support and thank you for shining your bright light onto our community. With the power of hope, we can overcome any challenges.


With Gratitude,

Amy Tung


July 01, 2018 — Amy Tung
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