JULY- Happy Birthday to US!

I can't believe the I AM LOVE project has already reached its first anniversary!

For our anniversary month, we've decided to do something a little more special, but exactly on brand; spreading love across cultures, across borders, AS IT SHOULD BE!

Our July charity is all about making opportunity, giving back to the community we have ties to, giving back to the community that once gave to us, giving back what we've been fortunate enough to attain. The Mondetta Charity Foundation works with communities in Uganda and Kenya, educating children, providing safe drinking water, providing nutritious meals to kids, working towards a brighter and hope-filled future. They believe that change is imminent when the people are well-educated and healthy.

MCF has helped secure donations of books, computers and chairs from Seven Oaks Division, and through these donations, have created a bond between Kamwokya Primary School in Uganda, and Arthur E. Wright School in Winnipeg. In 2010 Arthur E. Wright created the "KCC Kamwokya Committee," creating fundraising opporuntites for MCF and Kamwokya Primary School. MCF is also helping fun Madoga Day Centre, where they provide Early Childhood Education needed to enter primary school, as well as a baby class, nursery, and a pre-unit to families in need of them.

The I AM LOVE project is HONOURED and PROUD to say we've supported MCF in helping them establish a brighter and hope-filled future! Their goal is to reach the most vulnerable, the children. They believe that Uganda and Kenya can work towards a better future by education future leaders.

We took our event ACROSS CANADA on July 28, 2019, with the support of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness studios, spreading love nationwide! 




August 14, 2019 — Amy Tung