Quartz Crystal L.O.V.E Stainless Steel Water Bottle

$55.00 $68.99

Love, a powerful force in the healing process, brings joy and inspires presence. By embracing the present moment, we allow our bodies to gracefully heal, experience bliss, and deepen our gratitude. Welcoming more love into our lives requires embodying love itself—being love, being loving, and being lovable. To attract love, we must align our energies with it. Constant unhappiness, anger, or irritation repels the love we seek. Instead, we desire a bold, happy, and fulfilling life.

Our L.O.VE bottle blends beautiful rose quartz, nurturing the heart chakra, and calming amethyst pebbles, fostering a positive mindset. To amplify the crystal energies, we've included clear quartz. Carry this bottle with you to focus your attention on love and transform your thoughts naturally. The detachable crystal chamber allows for easy cleaning and swapping of crystals, allowing you to tailor the energy to your desires.

Each bottle arrives gift-ready in a white box with a heather grey sleeve, ensuring the protection of the glass. It's the perfect gift for spiritual enthusiasts. Rest assured, our bottles are BPA-free, made of high-quality borosilicate glass, and contain premium crystals.

Experience the magic of love and manifest a life filled with abundant joy and fulfillment.