Could you imagine a province where everyone pulled together by giving ONE DOLLAR to make such an enormous impact on our community, city, and province? 

Our vision is to create the biggest rise in community engagement by unifying 1.35 million people in Manitoba by 2025 through love and acts kindness. 
"The Power of A Dollar" is a platform to build a stronger tomorrow. Our goal is to reduce and, where possible, eliminate the burden of funding on local charities. We look to increase partnership among charities, reduce third-party fundraising/solicitation, and to sustain our community through the donation of ONE DOLLAR from everyone in Winnipeg. Our goal is to raise $300,000 for:
Over time, with the support of Winnipeg and then the entire nation, "The Power Of A Dollar", will be able to support up to 100 charities in ONE day! This will be groundbreaking, giving much needed funding to amazing charities that will help our community and reach people often forgotten about.
Amy Tung -Founder/ Director of The Power Of A Dollar

There’s a stigma surrounding giving back to the community with the notion that you must donate a lot to make a difference. Unlike other aspects of your life you may not be able to control, giving back allows you to choose where and how to make a difference. Donating just ONE DOLLAR can strengthen our communities.  A high quality of life means safer, healthier lives for you and those around you. If everyone in our community donated ONE DOLLAR, we can create change.


Through The Power Of A Dollar, We Will Demonstrate: 

 The impact of $1 if everyone in Winnipeg donated.
The impact $1 has on a charity.
The impact $1 has on an individual.


 Winnipeg Population 749,454


x $1 x 1 DAY = $749,454


x $1 x 2 DAYS = $1,498,908


x $1 x 5 DAYS = $3,747,270


x $1 x 10 DAYS = $7,494,540


***Assuming there are 100 charities in Winnipeg, we would be able to give each charity $74,945. In a household of 4 people, that would be $40 per family. 


We have secured live platforms for each charity where we will collect donations on September 10, 2019 from 9am to 5pm (University of Winnipeg and Sobey's Grant Park). In addition, we have contacted five school divisions in hopes that all students from each school will donate $1 the day of the campaign. We have Kevin Burgin from CJOB- "The Main Ingredient" who will be creating videos for all our charities, showcasing how $1 can help! We will also look to involve radio stations to talk about our campaign in order to increase engagement. 

Since this is our first annual campaign, a lot is happening behind the scenes. We've secured partnerships with many local businesses where they will have coin boxes at all their locations from August 10 to September 10. We currently have over 60 businesses who will be supporting our initiative because they believe everyone has the power to give; however, we are still looking for more individuals who would help us bring this campaign to their workplace. You can help by placing "The Power Of A Dollar" coin box at your business/workplace from August 10 to September 10. Additional ways to support can be having every employee donate $1 and matching the total, donating $100 on behalf of your business, helping us promote our campaign at your workplace leading up to the campaign, sending out a newsletter about our campaign to your subscribers, posting information about our campaign on social media, and spreading the word to any associations/groups/teams that you are involved with. The possibilities are endless!

To get involved, email us at



From August 10 to September 10, you can make your $1 donation at the following businesses:

  • Impact Security
  • Dylis Turner
  • Ian Hamelin
  • Orange Theory Taylor (Check out their Karma Class on September 8!)
  • FoodFare (All Locations)
  • Oakwood Cafe
  • Village Insurance Brokers 
  • The Yoga Barre (Check out their August Karma Class schedule!)
  • Lakeview Insurance
  • Canadian Science Centre
  • Black Bird Brasserie
  • BSI Insurance (16 Locations)
  • Source For Sports
  • Zen Physiotherapy
  • Elite Sports Injury (All Locations)
  • Handyman Connection
  • The Riverside
  • Marion Street Eatery ($1 from EVERY meal will be donated!)
  • Acceleration Performance 
  • Viscount Gort
  • Richlu Manufacturing
  • Visions of Gold
  • Sculpt Barre (Karma Class!)
  • Fifty 5 Fitness
  • Miller's Meat (Headmaster Row & St.Mary's Location)
  • Blue Sky Fitness
  • Evoluir Hair Salon
  • Myology Massage
  • Cranked Energy
  • Lindenridge Family Chiropractic
  • River North Family Chiropractic
  • Niverville Family Chiropractic
  • Westwood Family Chiropractic
  • Academy Chiropractic Centre
  • Anderson Agencies
  • Freshii (Sage Creek)
  • Sport & Spine Physical Therapy Centre *SPONSOR*
  • Align Chiropractic & Massage Therapy *SPONSOR*
  • Portia Ella
  • Leila Pharmacy
  • IGI Sushi & Grill Restaurant
  • Sun Fortune Restaurant
  • Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Studio Lindenridge
  • Advanced Massage (All Locations)
  • Artista Homes (All Showhomes)
  • NPRX Manitoba
  • Fitness On The Go
  • Surfaces Floor Fashion Centre
  • Popeye's Supplements (All Locations)
  • Pita Pit (All Locations)
  • Serratus Movement Centre
  • Canadian Science Centre for Human & Animal Health 
  • Seven Oaks Physiotherapy
  • Advanced Massage (3 Locations)
  • Transcona Physiotherapy
  • Plessis Physiotherapy
  • The Club 
  • Bare Body Sugaring (All Locations)
  • Coco's Hair & Beauty Bar
  • Swish Productions
  • St.Maurice Parish
  • Crazy 8 Billiards 
  • Pizza Gong
  • Wheelhouse Cycle Club
  • Minuteman Press Winnipeg
  • Aspect Fitness
  • Radiance Gifts
  • My Body Fitness + Nutrition
  • Oxygen Yoga & Fitness
  • HQ Style Lounge ( Donating $1 from every cut)
  • Portage Avenue Dental Group
  • Metro Cleaner
  • Girl Candy Shop
  • Corydon Hardware
  • Gabernicks Cafe
  • Pizza Hotline (Downtown Square)
  • Umi Sushi (Downtown Square)
  • Thom Bargan (Downtown Square)
  • Focus Hyundai
  • Appareo
  • Steven's Home Medical Supplies
  • Nathan's Detroit's Sandwich Pad
  • Vantage Studios
  • Modo Yoga

Many more businesses to come!



Q: Who is coordinating “The Power Of A Dollar” campaign? 

A: The Director of the campaign is Amy Tung.

She is the CEO/Founder of the “ I AM LOVE PROJECT”, a social enterprise that supports a local charity every month through the making of a crystal intention bracelet by student volunteers and hosting a pop-up yoga fundraiser every month. Over the last year, the I AM LOVE PROJECT raised over $29,865 that benefited the Joy Smith Foundation, Turning Pages, Never Alone Foundation, Ready Set Swim, Red Road Lodge, Higher Learning Foundation, Project 11 and many more. Through her love for the community, she’s been recognized as one of CBC Manitoba Future 40 2018 and as a Future Leaders of Manitoba 2019 Finalist . Her vision is to create the biggest rise in community engagement by unifying 1.35 million people in Manitoba by 2025 through love and acts of kindness.  


Q: What is our goal?
A: Our goal is to raise $300,000 and to allocate $75,000 to each charity. The purpose is to showcase the impact ONE DOLLAR can have on our community. Everyone can donate ONE DOLLAR, when we support each other, we create change and sustain a better future for the next generation. A dollar can help prevent heart disease and stroke, save lives and enhance recovery! 


Q: Who will be in charge of the pick up/drop off of the coin boxes? 

A: We will have volunteers from all four charities dropping off the coin boxes the week of August 4, 2019 and pick up will happen from September 11, 2019 to September 13, 2019. All the funds will be counted on September 14, 2019 with members of all four charities. 


Q: What charities are involved in “The Power of a Dollar” campaign and how are the funds allocated?

A: 100% of proceeds will be distributed to evenly distributed to the U-Turn Parkinsons, KIDS Initiative, Snowflake Place, and Heart & Stroke Foundation. Expenses are currently under 5% because much of the work is volunteer based and we are counting on the power of social media and the community to help spread the word. 


Q: How can an individual, organization or business support “The Power Of A Dollar”? 

A: If you love Winnipeg, then we would LOVE your support! If you’re a business/organization, you can host a coin box and match the proceeds. You can host a fundraiser where proceeds are dedicated to “ The Power Of A Dollar”. You can collect donations from your workplace. You can be a sponsor for our campaign! Anything is possible! Email if you want to strengthen Winnipeg! 


Q: Where can I donate MY DOLLAR on September 10, 2019? 

A: There are many ways to donate ONE DOLLAR on September 10, 2019. All four charities will be at a designated location to collect donations from 9am-5pm. Over 100 businesses will also be carrying coin boxes and you can donate on on SEPTEMBER 10TH ONLY.


Q: Will I get a tax receipt?
A: Yes, for businesses/organizations who are donating 

more than $25, a charitable tax receipt will be issued from one of the four charities. 


Q: How can ONE DOLLAR support four charities?
A: This is how ONE DOLLAR from everyone in Winnipeg can support four charities:

With “The Power Of A Dollar”, we will be that much closer to developing our inclusive, full-scale child advocacy centre, where all service providers involved in child abuse response are co-located to best meet the needs of children, both through the criminal justice process, but also, to help facilitate the healing of the children and their families. 

Christy Dzikowicz - Executive Director of Snowflake Place 


With “The Power Of A Dollar”, we would be able to provide a wellness class like Rock Steady Boxing, Yoga Parkinson’s and U-Tune’s singing group, for a person living with Parkinson’s Disease. U-Turn Parkinson’s Scholarship Fund provides assistance to participants who have limited finances. The ultimate goal is to be able to offer all programming free of charge so that all those living with Parkinson’s are empowered in their pursuit wellness.

Tim Hague - Founder/Executive Director of U-Turn Parkinsons 


With “The Power of a Dollar,” Heart & Stroke funds over 750 researchers across Canada, advocates for the health of all Canadians, and fundraises for programs that provide important health information and support in the community. $1 helps our mission of promoting health, saving lives and enhancing recovery for people affected by heart disease and stroke. 

Christine Houde - Director Government Relations and Health Promotion, Heart & Stroke 


With “The Power Of A Dollar”,
KIDS Initiative will be able to provide a life-saving and sustainable water solution to our partners in the Lemolo Refugee Camp. $1 alone can supply 4L of water to a family in one of our programs. With your support, we can build children’s futures globally while inspiring children locally.
Cat Ross - Founder of KIDS Initiative 


ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2019 




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