Four empowered women confidently stepping forward in heels

In a world where invalidating remarks can make us doubt ourselves, it's crucial to stand strong and assert our truth. This blog post explores three empowering things to say when faced with invalidation and highlights the importance of standing firm against it.


1. Trust Your Perception and Feelings:

"I trust my own perception and feelings, and I won't let anyone convince me otherwise." By affirming our trust in ourselves, we reinforce our self-worth and show that our feelings and experiences are valid and significant.


2. Reject Invalidating Remarks:

"I don't appreciate being made to feel like my thoughts and experiences are invalid." By speaking up and refusing to accept invalidation, we establish clear boundaries and demand the respect we deserve for our emotions and experiences.


3. Embrace Your Inner Knowing:

"I understand that everyone has their own perspective, but I know what I know and I stand by it." It's essential to recognize our own wisdom and stand firmly in our truth, refusing to let anyone make us doubt ourselves or feel confused.


Embrace the power of standing strong against invalidation with a joyful spirit! Asserting your truth is essential for nurturing self-worth, setting boundaries, uplifting emotional well-being, and fostering empowerment. By embracing your truth and rejecting invalidation, you cultivate happiness, self-esteem, and personal growth. Celebrate your uniqueness and let your voice be heard with joy and confidence.


You deserve all the happiness and respect in the world!

May 21, 2023 — Amy Tung