I thank God not only for surviving an accident, but for finding my passion for beadwork. All I could do was hold light things in my left hand.

From a young age, my love for crafting was evident. I have vivid memories of proudly bringing home bags filled with my creations, much to my mother's amusement. Being a visual learner, I always found it easier to grasp concepts by watching rather than reading instructions. Before delving into beadwork, I found myself assisting a friend in sorting through their hoarded belongings, transforming their chaos into order.

However, on October 7th, 2021, everything changed. While driving down the highway after one of my sorting sessions, I was involved in a collision with a semi-truck. The impact resulted in a severe break in my left humerus bone, leaving me unable to utilize my arm and pursue my beloved crafts. Crafting had always been my solace, a way to relieve stress. In the absence of that outlet, I turned to watching craft tutorials on YouTube, immersing myself in various stitch techniques.

Even after the staples were removed from my arm, I continued to watch those tutorials day after day. Although I could only hold light objects with my left hand, I realized that beads fit the bill perfectly. I began practicing different stitches like brick stitch, increase and decrease, tubular brick stitch, and various forms of peyote stitch. Finally, in December 2021, I created my first fringe earring.

Throughout the past year, I have challenged myself to create different types of earrings, building up an impressive collection. Every time I gaze upon the jewelry I have made, a sense of fulfillment washes over me. I marvel at the fact that these beautiful pieces emerged from my own hands. With time, the quality of my supplies improved, and my beadwork skills advanced. Now, I bead with a proficiency that makes it seem as though I have been honing this craft for years.

In this journey, I am immensely grateful not only for surviving the accident but also for discovering my profound passion for beadwork. There is something magical about starting with a single bead and transforming it into something extraordinary. I attribute my newfound love and talent for beadwork to a higher power, thanking God for guiding me through this unexpected path. It is a joyous reminder that even from the ashes of adversity, a beautiful and fulfilling passion can emerge. 

Sarah. G




Using Beading as a Distraction to Calm Myself

I am someone who is in the process of discovering my true identity and what I represent. Throughout my life, I have faced the challenges of anxiety and depression, which have been with me since a young age. In my 30s, I was also diagnosed with ADHD, which has brought both questions and answers. Over the past two years, I have encountered some of the biggest obstacles life has thrown my way, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of dear ones. In the midst of it all, beadwork has been my solace, providing a means to distract myself, find calm, and give myself something to create and anticipate.

Having overcome a difficult past, my ultimate desire is to bring joy to others and to make them smile through my art. I yearn to evoke smiles and share happiness with those who come across my creations. Each piece of jewelry I craft tells a story, and my hope is that with every purchase, that story inspires the wearer. As individuals embrace these pieces, their own unique narratives become intertwined with the jewelry's tale. It is through this interconnectedness that the chain of love is formed.

When someone acquires a piece from I AM LOVE, they become part of a movement that honors and uplifts women, granting them the restoration they deserve. This empowerment allows them to thrive both socially and economically, fostering independence and self-sufficiency. With each gift given from I AM LOVE, friends and family are blessed, knowing that their gesture carries a deeper meaning—one that supports women and enables them to rewrite their own narratives.

In this journey of self-discovery and creative expression, I aspire to make a positive impact on others, spreading love, and inspiring transformation. My art is a conduit for sharing stories, connecting hearts, and uplifting those who wear the jewelry. It is my heartfelt belief that through these acts of love, we can make a difference in the lives of women, one piece of jewelry at a time.

Jay. B




Compassion and the desire to connect with others is what drives Winnipeg’s Jenna Xec, owner and designer of Bright Soul Designs.

While on maternity leave, Jenna felt inspired to challenge herself creatively and decided to try her hand at designing polymer clay jewelry. She started by crafting earrings for friends and family and found such joy in the process she knew she had to keep creating.

The isolation of maternity leave, combined with the Covid-19 pandemic and sudden loss of her brother, all took a toll on her mental health and emotional well-being this past year. Her creative process has helped her find peace during a tumultuous year, and she has found ways to build community through various fundraisers supporting issues close to her heart, including mental health, addictions recovery, and women’s shelters.

Jenna’s genuine desire to connect with and improve the lives of those around her extend to her design philosophy, which is about more than the end product - it’s about the process. Working in her home studio, Jenna ensures each piece is crafted with love, compassion, and positive energy.  Once a design is complete, it is named for one of the many strong women Jenna surrounds herself with and is inspired by. By setting these intentions and choosing to remain mindful of her own energy throughout the process, Jenna hopes to cultivate an experience of empowerment for the future wearer.