Join us LIVE at The Fairmont Winnipeg or livestream to hundreds of people across Canada on YouTube!

Collectively, COVID-19 illness and safety measures have affected over 2 billion people worldwide. While society reopens and the economy restarts , it remains unclear what the future holds, and this means we must be able to leverage our strengths to achieve optimal performance, career advancement, and fulfilment. As leaders, managers, employees, and entrepreneurs, we recognize the need for more effective strategies and result-driven solutions regardless of whether you are working from home or on-site and regardless whether you continue to work throughout the pandemic or returning from temporary lay-offs.

At the GROW Conference 2020, you'll be in a space surrounded by others like yourself who want to drive their goals forward. We are not here just to motivate you, our goal is to leave you with concrete strategies that you can implement today. You might have seen our speakers at Health Canada, University of Manitoba, Auto Canada, Palliser, Manitoba Customer Contact Association because they have helped thousands of employees boost their success by cultivating the RIGHT mindset and they're coming to the GROW conference to do the same!

Our speakers will hold sessions to help individuals who have been feeling a lot of social unrest and tension during these uncertain times position themselves as TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS so that they shift stress into resilience, convert distraction into productivity, and transform circumstances into results unlike many who focus on endless tasks, unable to sustain a high emotional/mental wellness at work, and constantly pivoting with no clarity. We build it through compelling content, effective strategies, and result driven solutions from impactful leaders in Winnipeg.

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We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming success of this event. Your participation and support have been truly inspiring. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and future events. Together, we will continue to make a positive impact and create even more meaningful experiences. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

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