Past, Present, and Future

I AM LOVE Project was born out of a desire to help and give back. Our socially conscious enterprise began in 2018 – leaning on our founder, Amy Tung’s, calling of reaching out and supporting others, including smaller local charities who lack the funding. Spreading love was always the goal; we believe everyone is worthy of love, should be loved, and feel love regardless of age, gender, or sex. We began making bracelets that were created as a reminder for the wearer to align with their purpose and lead with intention, using the energy emanating from the stones. These bracelets were sold to raise funds for local charities, schools, non-profits, and other organizations – and we saw interest in and support of our business flourish beyond what we thought was possible. The bracelets started snowballing, growing and growing until the world came to a screeching halt in 2020. The stillness, while difficult, gave us the time and space to dive further into our organization and distill the next path forward for us: helping the community at a grassroots level.

Through COVID-19, where so many vulnerable people – and women specifically lost their sources of income, we have pivoted from our fundraising- first model to provide support for our community and its members from the ground up. Our social business model is now oriented around providing employment and the opportunity to learn new skill sets in the post-Covid job market for women facing barriers. With this renewed approach, we’re able to strengthen and support from many different levels through the design and manufacturing of our products, to sourcing supplies and material from local makers and small businesses.



We exist to spread the importance of supporting others - what affects one, affects all of us.

  • “I Am” - Affirmation of healing, self-love, purpose, and abundance

  • “Love” - Everyone is worthy of love, should be loved, and feel loved regardless of their age, colour, or gender.

  • “Project” - The potential for limitless possible actions

We’re changing the lives of women facing barriers in employment by bringing them back into the workforce, and empowering them to grow, thrive, and contribute to their communities. We consciously source materials, and employ makers and artisans to provide employment and income opportunities to those in transition periods in their lives – like those struggling with their mental health or addictions, those who are disabled, or those who are facing barriers to work. 

Beyond the individuals we are providing with economic opportunities, we also want to encourage and challenge other organizations to employ those who are facing adversity – with fair wages for their work – and commit to propelling these individuals forward on a better path.

We imagine a world where businesses show concern beyond their bottom line, and create work and start projects with their social impact in mind. We measure our impact through how many jobs we are able to create – and we implore other organizations to do the same.



Our product promise last a lifetime

We facilitate the creation of jewelry in support of of women through employment opportunities that empower. We believe that a piece of jewelry can be a catalyst for change - it can conjure stories and memories, and when designed, assembles and gifted with intention, we can become more connected - to others and ourselves.

Our hope is that with with each purchase, one is inspired by the intention the jewelry represents. As each piece of jewelry is created a story is told. As each piece is purchased, an individual's story is heard. As each piece is worn, a story is shared. This is the chain of love. Friends and family will be blessed knowing that a gift from I AM LOVE honours and restores women, and empowers them to be socially and economically independent.



When a woman is economically empowered, her children and her community thrive.

The I AM LOVE Project supports women through training and community support so they can gain knowledge needed for personal and professional development. To accomplish this, 60% of our earring, bracelets and necklaces are handmade by those in Manitoba facing employment barriers, and 40% are imported for assembly.

We focus on women who:

  • Are making less than $30,000 annually.
  • Experience mental health/addictions challenges, and are facing barriers in finding employment.
  • On the Employment and Income Assistance Program, but needs  supplemental income.
  • Have a disability, incarcerated, exposed to sexual abuse or domestic violence.
  • Need a sense of community and purpose.



We imagine a world where businesses show concern beyond their bottom line, and create work and start projects with their social impact in mind.

Our vision is to create a future bursting with other socially purposeful businesses and to inspire the chain of love in our economy. By example, we will help to create transformative employment opportunities for women. We wish to instill confidence and purpose in women as they learn the craft of making meaningful jewelry and to offer a safe space within an organization that is committed to reducing poverty and creating better lives for Manitoba women and their children. 

Connecting with and supporting local female artisans is a key component of our parent brand - I AM LOVE Project - and, while this is also a component of XOXO by I AM LOVE, the fine jewelry line further shares the stories of the women in our community - stories of confidence and self-worth. By accessing the creative spirits and energies embedded in our community, we are able to build pathways that lead to a better quality of life and cultivate strong partnerships that lead to powerful economic transformation.