To date, we've given over $50,000 to many incredible organizations

There's a stigma surrounding giving back to the community with the notion that you must donate a lot to make a difference. Unlike other aspects of your life you may not be able to control, giving back allows you to choose where and how to make a difference. Donating just ONE DOLLAR can strengthen our communities. A high quality of life means safer, healthier lives for you and those around you

One City, One Goal, One Dollar is a registered community organization to build a stronger tomorrow. Our goal is to reduce and, where possible, eliminate the burden of funding on local charities. We look to increase partnership among charities, reduce third-party fundraisers/solicitation, and to sustain our community through the donation of one dollar from everyone in Winnipeg.

Our 1st annual campaign was such a success! We raised over $9000 on September 10, 2019 for Snowflake Place, Heart & Stroke Foundation, KIDS Initiative, and U-Turn Parkinsons.

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Information on our 2nd annual campaign will be released Fall 2022.