March 8, 2023

International Women's Day

Celebrate the achievementsts of women in your community!

to inspire the chain of love in our economy

Mission driven. Female founded. Restores women.

We support women through training and community support so they can gain knowledge needed for personal and professional development. To accomplish this, 60% of our earrings, bracelets and necklaces are handmade by those in Manitoba facing employment barriers, and 40% are imported for assembly.

perfect mindfulness gift

DIY Tassel Earring Kits

Through a collision with a semi, Sarah lost their source of income and couldn't use her arm. All she could do was hold light things, where she discovered her passion in beading.


$52,121.00 RAISED SINCE 2018

Spreading love is always the goal; we believe that everyone is worthy of love, should be loved and feel loved regardless of age, colour or gender. Our jewelry will continue to support local charities, schools, and other non-profits through a variety of fundraising models that comprise supporting mental wellness, cultivated through the support of the community and backed up with heart.

our minimum payout per job is $500!

Invest In HER Work Program

We create safe and dignified jobs for women who are experiencing mental health challenges and substance use, have a disability, or those who have been incarerated. Everyone is different, so we will work with you 1:1 to develop a work plan that is suitable for you.