Find them a permanent home where they can be treated well and treasured for life. #darcysARC

What We Do

We create the "chain of love" where there is no beginning or ending.

We use our bracelets to raise donations to support Canadian non-profit organizations, schools, and communities. 

Every month, I AM LOVE PROJECT will release a new crystal intention bracelet and host a Pop-Up Yoga Class where all proceeds are honoured to a charity who is making a huge impact within our communities.

Currently, we offer our "I Am Love " Yoga program in different schools and charities within Winnipeg. This will allow Yoga to be accessible and affordable to everyone, where we can empower, learn, and grow from each other!

OCTOBER is about finding a loving home!

Every animal that comes through the door is considered their main client and are treated to veterinary check-ups and medication (if needed), comfortable and safe living quarters, where the animals receive quality food and water, regular exercise and opportunities to socialize!

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My Story

August Event

In Support of Rising Stars Foundation

To enrich the amateur sports community in Manitoba by supporting, developing, and mentoring young student leaders from ALL backgrounds. They want to help make our young people "stars" - shining lights in our community for years to come!

August 25, 2019


In Support of Child Nutrition Council of MB!

 Please help us ensure that every child attending school is well-nourished every day.

September 22, 2019


In support of D'Arcy's A.R.C

Founded in 2001, D'Arcy's Animal Rescue Centre is a registered charity dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned cats and dogs in Manitoba.

October 27, 2019


In Support of You Can't Spoil a Baby

Connecting expectant Manitoba families in need to donors since November 2011. Participating in their project as a gift applicant, donor or volunteer is a memorable experience that encourages healthier and more connected communities.

November 24, 2019


The chain of love has no beginning or ending. It is a continuous cycle supported by everyone. Our bracelets are made by volunteers, purchased by the community, with proceeds to support a cause, which in turn sustains our future.