Make A Wish 11:11 Necklace


The Universe has your back! The four sides of this pendant bring an energetic numerical doorway that is being opened through which you will experience significant spiritual growth. The number 11:11 carries a special message from the universe to you! The number 1 alone stands for new beginnings, success, and inspiration. 1+1+1+1= 4, meaning it's amplified four times. It is a reminder from the universe that if you're about to make changes in your life and start from the beginning, they're in it with you. You can be assured that you will be lifted and will ride high in victory. By adorning yourself with this necklace, you look forward to what the future holds. Soon you'll discover your fullest potential in all areas of life.


With humility and vulnerability, she expresses her love by saying this affirmation:

I believe in myself. I say affirmations that reflect what I really deserve.

Inspired By Sarah


  • 925 Sterling Silver w/Rhodium Plating or 14K Gold Plating.
  • 4mm Black Tourmaline bead attached to chain.
  • 2.15cmX1.4cm lock pendant.
  • 16" long Curb Chain.
  • Lobster clasp with 2" extension.
  • As each piece of jewelry is created, a story is told. As each piece is purchased, an individual's story is heard. As each piece is worn, a story is shared.