Every piece of jewelry tells a story...

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We are so honoured to work with Sarah. G to show you how to bead these beautiful Indigenous-inspired tassel earrings to make a bold impression with your everyday outfit.  Remember, as you create these earrings, you are providing rewarding work that will support Sarah and her family.

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DIY Tips - Please Read Before You Get Started!

      1. All the materials are included in your DIY kit, except for any tools (round/flat nose pliers + cutting pliers + scissors), which you can purchase at any dollar store.  
      2. If you're new to beading, it might take 2-3 hours to complete the first earring. Perhaps start with 2-3 tassels, then return to it again. Beading is a mindfulness practice, take your time and enjoy the process!
      3. Stay organized!  Give yourself ample table space and light. Work in a quiet environment with minimal noise and wind movement, so you can concentrate and the beads don't move around. Play some soft music!
      4. Place your beads and supplies on a felt or microfibre towel (available at the Dollar Store). This will stop the beads from moving around. If you use a regular towel, the beads will get stuck between the fibres.
      5. The instruction card in your kit complement the online video tutorial. You will refer to the “Tassel Chart” on the instruction card to complete steps 6-9. Keep in mind that EVERY tassel requires different amount of beads
      6. The “Middle Bead Colour” is the beading pattern for the middle section for all tassels. For example: 3 x Bead C/2 x Bead D/1 x Bead G means you will need 3 pieces of Bead C, then 2 pieces of Bead D, followed by 1 piece of Bead G. If you're unsure of the pattern, check the front of the box. Your finished earrings should look like that picture!
      7. Any cutting, do it in small increments or watch the section of the video first. We find it easier if you work in sections. There are timestamps on the video if you need to go back to it!
      8. If you're missing any beads or dropped them, whatever it may be, reach out to us, and we will send you more at no charge. Don't be discouraged and reach out to us if you have any questions. We are here for you every step of the way!
      9. There's an ERROR on your "Tassel Chart", we apologize for the inconvenience. If you purchased the DIY KIT that consists of bone, turquoise, chocolate, lemon, marigold, mauve and gold colour scheme (on the outside label), your "Middle Bead Colour" should read:
 3 x Bead B/ 2 x Bead C/ 2 x Bead D/ 1 x Bead E/ 3 x Bead F/ 1 x Bead E/ 2 x Bead D/ 2 x Bead C/ 3 x Bead


We are so excited to see your creations! By sharing your beautiful handmade earrings with us on social media, you are sharing Sarah's work. Tag us on Facebook @iamloveproject or Instagram @iam_love_project. Can't wait to see them!