We love our product, and we hope you will too

Each piece is made by someone different; however, we pay exceptional attention to the quality. Every piece of jewelry is carefully looked over before it is shipped out. 


We use primarily sterling silver, stainless steel and occasionally brass as a base metal dipped into a bath of electroplating solution, with 14K Gold or Rhodium. Since this is plating over a base metal, the plating (colour) on findings can eventually wear off.


They come in different shapes and forms. You may notice some have inclusions, holes, or even spots. Please understand this is due to mother nature! No stones are alike. Our crystals/gemstones contain a finishing while others are raw. Over time, the ones with the finishing can eventually wear off. You may even notice a change in colour, which is normal and natural.



  1. Remove jewelry while swimming, exercising, and showering to prolong wear. It may cause the sterling silver to oxidize.
  2. Refrain from being exposed to any chemicals such as bleach, oil, jewelry cleaners, polishing cloths, perfume, hair products, and lotions, as this can affect the finishing.
  3. For cleaning, gently clean your jewelry with a damp cloth or a jewelry cloth for sterling silver pieces.
  4. After wear, store jewelry in your I AM LOVE pouch. Avoid storing jewelry in humid areas.
  5. Always roll on/off your bracelet to eliminate over stretching of the cord.


If your items do tarnish immediately, it can be caused by a metal-to-skin reaction. Everyone will react differently; therefore, it is not our responsibility to return or exchange your item. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We want our customers to be happy with their purchase; therefore, we ensure every item is 100% before shipping them out. We will be glad to repair any piece of jewelry at a cost, but we cannot be held liable for any breaks or bends on metals.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions, please reach out to our team!


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