Bee You Gold Cubic Zirconia Affirmation Necklace

Designed to inspire and uplift, drawing inspiration from the remarkable qualities of bees while keeping your goals at the forefront of your mind.
Just like bees, you possess a unique strength and determination that propels you towards your dreams. Embrace your inner power as you wear this elegant and tasteful adornment, radiating confidence and grace wherever you go, but also the wealth, good luck, and prosperity they represent throughout history.

Wearing this necklace is an affirmation in itself. It encourages you to be unapologetically you, celebrating your uniqueness and embracing your true essence. Let it be a daily reminder to honour your individuality, to walk your own path, and to confidently express your authentic self to the world.

Inspired By Alyssa


  • 925 Sterling Silver with 14K Gold Plating.
  • 16" long Chain.
  • Lobster clasp with 2" extension.