It's Just A Phase Moon Necklace

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The moon represents a powerful spiritual feminine energy. It signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, and represents our deepest personal needs. Within every cycle of the moon, you can activate your innate powers and embody creativity, femininity and change. The moon's illumination brings new beginnings, renewed intention, decision-making, refinement, gratitude, forgiveness, and surrender. You are sealing your intention and welcoming love that will overflow into your universe.

With humility and vulnerability, she expresses her love by saying this affirmation:

I love you. You are at your best, you've entered into a new cycle of love that is patient, kind, and unconditional.

Inspired By Vivian



  • 925 Sterling Silver w/Rhodium Plating or 14K Gold Plating.
  • Hammered finish  1x0.5 inch plaque.
  • Stamped moon phase pendant.
  • 16" long Link Chain with 2mm clear quartz. 
  • Lobster clasp with 2" extension.
  • As each piece of jewelry is created, a story is told. As each piece is purchased, an individual's story is heard. As each piece is worn, a story is shared.