Quartz Teardrop Necklace


You're doing things enthusiastically and with excellence. Now is the perfect time to work on unhealed situations from the past, so that you move on and bear the most fruit you can. Through this, you’re accepting and enjoying your unique qualities, making room for new ventures, and making the effort to do things with excellence. Your increase in confidence is making you the center of attention- you’re finally being true to yourself. You have discovered and stepped into your desired path. You're confident, bold and courageous to take action in making choices that are right for you.

With humility and vulnerability, she expresses her love by saying this affirmation:

My life is never stuck or static or stale,, for each moment is new and fresh. Every ending is a new point of beginning.  

Inspired By Dana


  • 926 Sterling Silver w/Rhodium Plating or 14K Gold Plating.
  • Distressed 15.08mm Distressed Ring Pendant.
  • 7.5 x 4mm Clear Quartz Pyramid.
  • 16" long Link Chain.
  • Lobster clasp with 2" extension. 
  • As each piece of jewelry is created, a story is told. As each piece is purchased, an individual's story is heard. As each piece is worn, a story is shared.