Amy Tung presents donation cheque to Never Alone Foundation with Lyle Bauer

In the Month of February the I AM LOVE PROJECT donated $3135.00 through the sales of crystal intention bracelets and hosting a Yoga event for the Never Alone Foundation, a foundation that ensures that no one person diagnosed with cancer ever feels alone in their fight.

The Never Alone Foundation was founded by Blue Bombers Alumnus and former CFL Executive Lyle Bauer after being diagnosed with cancer in 2004. Due to his experiences with the disease and the support provided from his community and from the cancer service providers, he was inspired to help other cancer patients to feel the same support he received.  The mission of the Never Alone Foundation is to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. Cancer affects everyone differently and numerous factors influence how their story plays out. Loss of income, number of family members or friends available to provide support, distances to health care providers, medical benefits and many other factors contribute to each person's story.

The Foundation raises funds to help in the care of cancer patients as well as raising awareness of how detrimental the disease can be on the mind and the relationships with peers. Having cancer undermines not only your physical health but also your mental well-being. It also provides comprehensive education for cancer patients as well as their peers.

Help us fight with them and win! Help us bring to light the fundamental truth of love and the power of love. It can heal, it can soothe, and it shows that none of us are ever truly alone.

Together, we can do so much! 

February 27, 2019 — Amy Tung