Discover Your Path Clear Quartz Moon Sterling Silver Affirmation Necklace

The Discover Your Path Necklace is the perfect accessory for anyone ready to take control of their journey and blaze a trail towards their dreams. This exquisite necklace features a stunning sterling silver compass adorned with a clear quartz moon shape, symbolizing clarity, direction, and illumination.

As you wear this necklace, you embrace your role as the navigator of your own life, refusing to hold back any longer and taking charge of your destiny. Just like a GPS, you have set your sights on the North Star, trusting that the universe will guide you towards your destination. When you are on the right path, the compass will remain silent, and when changes are necessary, it will prompt you and provide you with the direction you need.

With this necklace as your constant companion, you are empowered to trust your instincts and embrace the twists and turns of your journey, knowing that you have the inner compass to navigate any challenge or obstacle. Let its transformative energy guide you towards a life of purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

With humility and vulnerability, she expresses her love by saying this affirmation:

I am open and receptive to change, and as I embrace this mindset, the Universe responds in kind. It brings me all that I need to facilitate my transformation and growth. As I remain willing and open to change, I am empowered to manifest my deepest desires and reach my full potential.

Inspired by Amanda


  • 925 Sterling Silver w/Rhodium Plating or 14K Gold Plating.
  • 12.07mm circle pendant.
  • 1.66 mm cubic zirconia moon pendant.
  • 16" long link chain. 
  • Spring clasp with 2" extension.