DIY Beaded Tassel Earring Kit - Falling For You

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Say goodbye to the hassle of leftover beads and overwhelming online designs! We've got just what you need—our DIY Beaded Tassel Earrings kit that will make you fall head over heels! Dive into the world of beaded earrings with this vibrant and bold crafting kit, even if you have zero experience. It's time to showcase your fearless style!

Let us share why we created these DIY kits:

Firstly, we wanted to make it easier for YOU to learn the artistry of Indigenous beading.

Secondly, after a collision left Sarah with a loss of income and a temporarily immobilized arm, she designed this kit to alleviate strain while crafting lightweight projects.

Lastly, we envisioned a project that you could enjoy with friends over a weekend or embark on solo adventures.

This beginner-friendly kit provides all the materials required to create a stunning pair of multi-strand tassel earrings. The completion time typically ranges from 2 to 3 hours, depending on your focus and distractions. The initial pair may take a bit longer, but once you grasp the technique, you'll breeze through the second one.

Included in the kit are:

  • 2 Stainless Steel Earring Wire Hooks
  • 2 Gold Plated Eye Pins
  • 2 Gold Plated Cones
  • 2 Beading Thread
  • 1 Needle
  • 6 Packages of Coloured Beads
  • Instructions/Pattern included, along with a Step-By-Step Video Tutorial and Tips on our YouTube channel
  • Access to the I AM LOVE team for any missing items or questions you may have

Please note: Tools such as cutting/round/flat nose pliers and scissors are not included but can be purchased at Dollarama or Dollar Tree. Additionally, having a piece of felt or a micro-fibre towel as a work surface will prevent beads from rolling away.

Experience the joy of owning a beautiful reminder that honors your self-expression while empowering other women. Embrace the journey and discover the artist within!