UNITY black 8mm beaded tourmaline bracelet

We believe everyone is worthy of love, should be loved, and feel loved regardless of age, colour, or gender. July marks our 2 year celebration of the I AM LOVE PROJECT. During these unprecedented times, we have decided to withdraw from any celebrations and events until August. Instead, we want to celebrate the brilliance, dignity, and leadership of Black people, communities, and organizations.

We have teamed up with our friends at ZUEIKE to create a limited edition bracelet to call every person living in Canada to join in the life work of dismantling racism in all its forms. One way to do that is with the purchase of our “UNITY” bracelet. Made with intention, the purpose of this bracelet is to bring awareness and encourage us to stand in solidarity. Wear this bracelet as we stand together in power for those who have been silenced. This bracelet grounds us in the unity of equality and begins the path of healing. Black tourmaline is a stone of strength and protection, providing a sense of power and confidence for those who stand up, and promotes clarity and equality. This bracelet empowers those who have lived in challenging environments and its energy provides guidance when facing difficult circumstances.

Of course there's a charitable component! Proceeds from the bracelets will support The Higher Learning Foundation, dedicated to provide scholarships to students within our black communities.

Racism doesn’t stop with a bracelet. We can focus on calling out racism when we see it and taking accountability for reflecting on our own racist behaviours; it is essential to do so often. We can continue to educate ourselves and seek out information from Black educators. This matters every day.

Are you with us?

July 26, 2020 — Amy Tung
Tags: zueike