Eliminating Shame Through Support, Empowerment and Community

Creating a World WITHOUT Shame

Empowering women through community building has always been a value of ours the I AM LOVE Project and this June we support an organization in alignment with just that: The Shameless Circle.

The Shameless Circle is a grassroots community organization based in Winnipeg, MB and since its inception in December 2018, the workshops facilitated have been met with an overwhelmingly positive response. This volunteer lead healing circle for women, aim to end the stigma around shaming woman for standing up for themselves and their children and to help women in the community who are in pursuit of overcoming that shame.

The goal? To encourage women and children to build a community of their own through continued free programming. This organization truly leads by example. Every Sunday, The Shameless Circle comes together as a group to engage with participants on meaningful, self empowering, FREE activities that help them regain their sense of belonging.

In times of high stress or transition, what people need most is someone to share information, sources of supports, and guidance in accessing them. Though Winnipeg has many fantastic services and resources, invisible gaps and barriers do exist.

We believe in making a difference for all women in need. from a free hair cute to self-defence. Our organization is committed to helping women overcome barriers and get the help they need to empower themselves. -The Shameless Circle-


The Empower Me Fund was born to all that void: a way to assist women in niche-need situations by providing personalized monetary assistance. Shameless considers any request on a case-to-case basis, which can potentially assist in empowering a woman to better herself and her family from access to mental wellness, self-care and/or professional development. Rather than providing a handout, the Shameless Circle provides a hand up! The potential for various application requests are endless, which is what makes The Empower Me Fund so beautifully unique. Download application here.

Visit The Shameless Circle's website  for information on professional counselling services in Winnipeg, grief support, therapy resources, calendar of events and so much more!

We at the I AM LOVE Project are so proud to stand behind you and all you do!

Image: Sara Usman (Founder- The Shameless Circle) recently earned a Future Leaders of Manitoba award.

May 20, 2020 — Amy Tung