Winnipeg Pay It Forward fundraiser to help businesses and charities during the pandemic

As our province was instructed to stay home to help flatten the curve, many Manitobans are facing deeper financial disparity and the most vulnerable individuals are struggling more than ever. With schools and businesses closing, job and wage loss the demand for food is steadily increasing, but our capacity to respond is decreasing.

To reciprocate the love and support from our community, we are excited to launch the "Pay It Forward Project", an initiative dedicated to help our friends, local businesses, charities and our most vulnerable THRIVE during this pandemic. We want to:

  • Help alleviate the stress for Manitoba charities so that they can continue to serve our most susceptible during this pandemic.
  • Support our local partners, in hopes their doors can remain open.
  • Encourage and uplift those we miss and we want to hug.
  • Spread love and create a more giving in our community.



  1. You will DONATE $20
  2. We will BUY a "Family Meal" from Freshii Sage Creek.
  3. We will donate ALL meals to 1 JUST CITY's "Emergency Food Kits" to help feed families during this difficult time. Due to COVID-19, 1 JUST CITY has been providing 50 Emergency Food Kits for families and serving over 1500 meals to those experiencing homelessness every week.
  4. We will ship out our newest intention bracelet, "Love Defends Us" to your special someone with a personalized card. Let us know what you want us to write in the card. Shipping address needed.

Help us make our COMMUNITY GO ROUND! Click here to donate $20!

April 29, 2020 — Amy Tung