NOVEMBER- I Will Survive

This month we are flying to Calgary! In conjunction with Soul Trips, a company that combines wellness, travel and volunteering we are supporting I WILL SURVIVE. 

I Will Survive raises charitable funds and create awareness through concerts of local musicians. Their vision is to become a leader in event based awareness for suicide, suicide prevention and mental illness.

Although suicide is one of the leading causes of death in North America it is also a taboo topic. Does it make sense that a common cause of death is also treated as a stigma? They do not believe it does. The organization is dedicated to reducing stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness by providing awareness and education through local concert events. They will achieve their mission by creating an energetic, positive and informative environment for supporters at their events. 

The I AM LOVE PROJECT is about connecting everyone by a chain of love, and although I Will Survive is not a charity that directly gives back to our community, it definitely needs our support, as a way of completing our chain of love across borders, across cultures, as it should be.

Join us in Calgary on November 18! 

For tickets, visit