CEO of Make Music Matter Darcy Ataman and Amy Tung

Make Music Matter works in countries that have been deeply scarred by conflict, HIV/AIDS, and violence against women. Music has always helped people around the world to overcome hardship by providing comfort and consolation, and by helping them to directly address the most divisive issues facing their communities. Through our efforts, music also contributes to the prevention of violence and public health issues, and to raising awareness.

Music changes lives. Music is a tool that can address the social, and emotional needs of a population. Not only does Make Music Matter help people to deal with the trauma they’ve experienced by writing, singing, and recording songs, but we bring them together so they know they’re not alone.

Music Works. Whether it’s child soldiers, survivors of gender based violence, or victims of HIV/AIDS, music is a channel for expression for those otherwise incapable of expressing the heartache of their experience. Many studies have demonstrated the impact that this can have. Betancourt et al (2010), for example, found that particularly in the context of conflict, programmes like the MEP helped to ensure that victims received the support they needed from their communities, and enabled them to better reintegrate.

Music is a powerful educational tool. Not only is making music a starting point for educations and therapeutic conversations, it is also a versatile teaching medium. Historically, music, storytelling, and dance have all be used transmit information from one generation to the next.

Music is inclusive. Music is the cornerstone of our programming because it engages everyone. Whether a person actively participates in active music-making, or just listens, the experience is beneficial. The message of a song has an impact wherever it is heard, reaching many people beyond its creators.

Music is far-reaching. In areas where literacy rates are low, music is an effective way to inform,  and raise awareness.  When the songs our participants create play on the radio, victims’ voices reach beyond their homes to large audiences, and challenge listeners to change the world in which they live.

Music is our expertise. Make Music Matter fuses international development expertise with some of the greatest minds and talents in the music industry. Capitalizing on our strengths and building on our successes is essential to the effectiveness and sustainability of our work


Picture (left to right- Darcy Ataman, CEO/Founder Make Music Matter and Amy Tung)

September 25, 2018 — Amy Tung