Two Asian females and Asian male standing infront of an I AM LOVE backdrop - Michelle Santos and Amy Tung

This May, we've partnered up with the Winnipeg fraction of Creuzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation, to help in raising funds needed to find treatments, and finally a cure, for this brain-wasting disease.

It is such a rare and mysterious.

This disease can be contracted by eating meat from cow that has this disease, but it is also genetically inheritable disease. Not much is known about the disease except that it is caused by malformations in the brain.

"At the age of 56, my mother Minda began showing symptoms similar to that of dementia, completely out of nowhere. In August of 2014 she had been diagnosed with CJD and as a family we were told she'd have months to live. It was in that moment that I watch her take her last breath, that I knew I was meant to do something about this disease. She is who I live for and will continue to do so until we can find a cure." - Michelle Santos, Founder of Creuzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation

We have so much we don't know about it, so in order to contribute in raising awareness and providing education and information for all individuals affected by the disease, the I AM LOVE PROJECT has partnered up with Michelle Santos, the Founder of the CJD Foundation in Winnipeg.

Image: CJD Fundraiser at Mercedes-Benz Winnipeg hosted by I AM LOVE PROJECT

Even though it is a disease found in one or two out of a million, it is still important for us to educate ourselves and those around us, raising awareness in the process, to make a change in their lives, so they can live out their lives with their families and friends.

We hope to continue to support Michelle and her team to spread awareness. 

May 30, 2019 — Amy Tung