Water Safety for Every Child...
Did you know that Manitoba has one of the highest ratings for death by drowning?  
A news reporting on drownings in the province showed that nearly 70% of people who drowned in Manitoba between the years of 2005 and 2015 never intended to be in the water.  In July, LSMB figures indicated that young children are dying in Manitoba waters at a rate three-and-a-half times higher than the national average, and more than three times that of the next highest province.  Nationally, there was one death per 100,000 children aged 4 and under during the period. Manitoba’s rate was 3.5, with Alberta next highest at 1.1.
Ready, Set, Swim! is a community-based foundation that provides swimming lessons to at-risk children and youth, including newcomers to Canada, who are among the most vulnerable to drowning.
Rishona Hyman founded the Ready, Set, Swim! Foundation in response to the need to get the most vulnerable groups – those who do not have access, those who are new to our country and those who simply can’t afford the price tag – into the water safely.

I am proud to say that the I Am Love Project will be working with the wonderful people of the Ready, Set, Swim! Foundation.

Everybody deserves to feel safe, no matter where they are, no matter the environment they live in!



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March 26, 2019 — Amy Tung