L.O.V.E Crystal Water Bottle

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Love plays a role in the healing process. It brings joy, and joy inspires presence. The more present we can be, the more gracefully we allow our bodies to heal, the more bliss we experience, and the deeper we can feel this form of gratitude, the more love we welcome into our everyday lives.

How do you attract MORE LOVE?

You need to be love, be loving, be lovable, meaning you need to harness the energies of love. You can’t attract love if you’re constantly unhappy, angry or irritated because LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. Is that what you want to attract into your life? Absolutely not, right? You don't want that in your life. You want to live a bold, happy and fruitful life, and this is how you will do it.

There are four steps to attracting love...

The first step is to supercharge your water with the incredible power of love crystals for the next 60 days. This will get you in the habit of embodying the energies of love, but you have to do it. 

When you receive your water bottle, you’ll find steps 2-4. Follow the sequence and see your life transform. As soon as you level up, you’ll see how infinite the possibilities are!

L.O.VE is a blend of beautiful rose quartz to nurture your heart chakra or harness your inner chi with calming amethyst pebbles to rock each day with a positive attitude. To amplify the energies of the crystals, we added clear quartz! Carry this with you to naturally focus your attention to move you toward love and transform your thoughts.

A detachable crystal chamber makes it easy to clean and swap out your favourite crystals whenever you're in the mood for a change in energy. Just unscrew the stainless steel bottom, switch up the crystals in the chamber and re-tighten.

Each bottle comes gift-ready in a white gift box and heather grey sleeve to protect the glass. Perfect gift for the spiritual enthusiast!

BPA Free

High-Quality Borosilicate Glass

Premium Quality Crystals