Janelle Curtis and Adam Milne of MDAM/Turning Leaf with Amy Tung

The Founder of Turning Pages,  Janelle Curtis and I knew each other from going to middle school together, but didn't reconnect until recently. We would see each other here and there, but it would always be small talk. You know, the typical stuff. 

One day we decided to catch up and met up at the Starbucks on Kenaston. So we got our drink, sat down, and began to chat. Janelle told me that Turning Pages was in memory of her mother, Cathy Curtis. 

By 2041, older adults will have the highest rate of mental illness in Canada. As this population grows so too will the need for mental health services (Mental Health Commission of Canada). 

Turning Pages is a 6-week Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Program with a Mindfulness Program that provides education, meaningful connections, community resources, and opportunities for skill building.  The program is offered to adults between the ages of 50-70 and struggling with transitions such as retirement, caregiving, or loss.

After being behind the scenes and preparing for this program for 2 years, Janelle finally launched Turning Pages in February 2018. Throughout this time, she had put in a lot of fundraising initiatives to help sustain this program because it is 100% funded through fundraising. 

Our Pop-Up event is on August 19 at Lululemon Outlet from 9:30-11am. Tickets are  available at www.iamloveproject.ca

This is only the beginning of our collaboration. Stay tuned for February 2019, we're celebrating their anniversary!



July 23, 2018 — Amy Tung