Amy Tung presenting donation to Women's Health Clinic 2018

Every month, we support a different local charity, those who is making an impact within Manitoba!

In July, the I AM LOVE PROJECT is partnering with the Women's Health Clinic as their charity. They are a feminist non-profit community health clinic providing various services such as birthing and parenting support, counselling, eating disorder prevention and recovery, and health education. 

Because of our Founder, Amy Tung's lived experience as an Asian woman and being a single mom, she knows what it’s like to fall in the cracks and how difficult it is to climb back up, especially when you can't access support and resources. She felt lost in this endless cycle of emotional and physical depletion, with no purpose and barriers everywhere she looked.

How will we support and raise awareness for the Women's Health Clinic?

Volunteers within the community will make Howlite crystal intention bracelets to remind wearers' to align with their purpose and lead with intention, using the energies emanating from the stones. In conjunction, a Pop-Up Yoga Class where they will receive all the proceeds.

Come join us for a yoga class, refreshments, prozes, and giveaways on July 15, 2018 from 8 -10 am at Wild Wing Restaurant - Pembina Hwy.

Every woman should have access to the highest standards of care.


July 01, 2018 — Amy Tung