Money Should Not Stand In The Way Of Turning Dreams Into Reality

I have been very fortunate to get the support of family to pursue my education, and again in furthering it in University.  I've felt blessed to be able to find something I enjoyed and having had the opportunity to make something of it.  When hearing about people who have the passion to learn more, the passion to better themselves, it has always been heartbreaking for me to hear that they couldn't manifest their dreams because of money problems.  

That's why for our March charity, we partnered up with My Inspiration Higher Learning Fund!


The My Inspiration Higher Learning Fund founded to give students a second chance in their academic careers. Founder Trisha believed that mistakes should not hold a person accountable for the rest of their lives, and that second chances can inspire change.  Not only is it a foundation that helps those who needed a little push back onto the right track, it is also an initiative to help those who couldn't afford the education they wanted to pursue.  


This is an amazing charity that gives people opportunities, that listen to their stories, and provides hope and fosters compassion in their scholarship recipients.


On March 24th, we held a pop-up yoga event at the Fort Garry Hotel at 9:30am.  It was our first event hosted with a DJ!! Opening the floor up with Yoga Barre instructor Heather was DJ GMan.  Our attendees had a hip hopping yoga time!